When i set up openhab and try to connect through my browser the first time it says connection refused

i have attempted to format and reinstall the openhab2 .img multiple times but when going to http://localhost:8080 it shows this
what am i doing wrong?

Which image? openHABian? Manual install? Apt-get install? Which platform?

There is no chance to give you any help without more information, Also please edit your topic, “Help me” doesn’t help you or us.

Please, again, read the docs you have been provided before;

This will only work if you are on your local machine, if you want to reach openHAB on another one, you need to provide the ip adress or network name of your openHAB server.


yes openhabian and my earlier posts were before i decided to re set up my openhab

Then follow
step by step …

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yes i know i put that in to not give my ip address

So how do you expect us to help you if you give wrong information???
Mask the ip adress if you don’t want to publish it!

im sorry im new to this im not intentionally trying to give wrong info

No problem. Just follow the docs step by step, it works for most, if not all users

i will try that. is it possible that my problem is because i have formatted the sd card and re installed openhab to get a clean slate?

it worked thank you so much but i think it was because i used a diferent sd card.