When is Snapshot code merged into Milestone?

Dear all,

I have some troubles with my Tradfri gateway, just like some other users:

The issue seems to be resolved for me in current Snapshot versions. However, in Snaptshot, the Zigbee and Z-Wave bindings and other things are quite unreliable these days. So I would prefer to stay with Milestone builds.

Is there a timeline or strategy when fixes like this are merged into Milestone code?


Ballpark release cycles… snapshot daily, milestone monthly, stable semiannual.

Hmm… the fixed snapshot code is around since weeks (see the posted discussion), but the Tradfri binding is somehow coming from the underlying Eclipse SmartHome code and maybe that’s the problem…?

ESH is on their own schedule, but typically every couple weeks, which then flow into the OH releases. There should be an M8 release any day now, and IIRC the goal for 2.4 stable is Dec 17. So, you shouldn’t have to wait long!

I use snapshots, but skirt around zwave and zigbee or other binding issues by having them manually installed so I can rollback or pause updating as needed.