When using apt-get install, how to monitor errors and troubleshoot?

I’m familiar with OpenHAB 1.x where you can go to the start.sh and execute there, and you can see what OpenHAB is doing and see MQTT events change item states.

I just did an install using apt-get, and use systemctl to start. Where can I see a stream of OpenHAB events and errors?


I’m assuming you mean in openHAB 2?

For bootup errors, it’s best to check the systemctl journal:

sudo journalctl -u openhab2 -b

For errors that happen after openHAB has started you can check the logs at /var/log/openhab2 events such as the item changing states will be in events.log everything else goes in openhab2.log.

You may want to have a look into the Karaf console. Read first the documentation, then use it and learn to love it. I have always two sessions opened one with the console and one where I edit the files. :grin:

And then use