Where are the new blocky items?

Hi @all,

today i want to have look to the new blocky items shown on this page:

But where they are? I’m working on OpenHab Test Version 3.2 (now i have the released final version) and i never saw this new tasks.

For me it looks like this:


I have installed the new JSScripting Add-On but nothing happens. I’m (only) able to write new ECMA 11 Scripts.

What i’m doing wrong?

I found the problem. It’s a client-side caching problem. After I have deleted all browser data for the domain, the submenu appears.

Hi Christian,

do you also see the Libraries blocks?


Yes, i see also this block.

I have only just started using blocky and it is incredible.

Now I have more of a reason to love it. Thank you.