Where can i find the source for the Basic UI and how to build it


i’am using the basic ui and its quiet comfortable, easy to define. But i have multipe sitemaps (smartphone, laptop, tablet, iphone) with often the same definitions in it. I’d like to check the source and add some features (which make sense in my point of view ) like ‘collapse a frame’ or ‘add an import definition to outsource common definitions into one file and use it in each sitemap’.

Basic UI is Part of Eclipse SmartHome.
You can find the source here: https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome

I am not familiar with building it, so i leave the question open for others.

May be not so relevant but I’m working on a feature for VSCode extension that would allow you to insert items to sitemap from a given group :wink:

Regarding the source code of Basic UI - they’re stored in this folder.
See CONTRIBUTING.md for details on how to build the web part.

Also, remember to submit an Issue and discuss it with ESH maintainers before you dive into the code.

Good luck!

I was only searching in the openhab environment and never thought about eclipse smarthome, thx for that

nice extension, but in the end there is also duplicate code in the sitemaps

I’ll create an issue but no matter what the maintainers are saying, i’ll implement this at least for myself.

Maybe my ideas about basic UI go in the same direction, so I want to share them here:

I would love to see something like inheritance for sitemaps.
One “base sitemap” and inherited sitemaps with personal changes or additions for different people who are using the app.