Where can I get HABPanel?

I’m new to openhab. I want to try out openHab2 with the HABpanel ui a.k.a panelui/uipanel. I downdloaded and installed openhab 2.0.0 b4 offline onto my pi, but the habpanel ui isnt listed. (I enabled “access remote repositories”, “include experimental extensions” and “include legacy 1.x extensions” in extension management just in case).

I googled some pages that said I could download a jar file, but none of the links worked. Most of the links in the threads I have searched through here dont work either. I have browsed the github repositories (There are two pinned repositories at https://github.com/ghys) but I cant find a jar file.

Can anyone give me some guidance please?


You can try enable it via $OPENHAB_ROOT/conf/services/addons.cfg and add in the following lines:

A comma-separated list of UIs to install (e.g. “basic,paper”)

ui = paper,classic,habpanel

Or via PaperUI/Extensions/User Interfaces (if already have a working copy of PaperUI running) or via Karaf console.

I suspect (although not 100% sure) that HABpanel probably wasn’t included in the beta4 release so either you should change to use the snapshot version, or you should be able to download HABpanel from the snapshot and manually add it to the addons folder.

Thanks for the quick response. PaperUI has been working ‘out of the box’ but the habpanel isnt listed in PaperUI/Extensions/User Interfaces.

I am going to try Chris Jackson’s suggestion of using the latest snapshot instead of b4 in the hope that it is included there.

Hi chris,
I try out the latest snapshot, but I hope it is included, because cant find the jar file anywhere on github (of course it might be my search skills are not up to scratch).


Habpanel and habmin should be in the latest snapshot because I tried them yesterday.

Installed the latest snapshot and habpanel is available. Thank you both for
your help.

Can someone please provide a full paths to the addons folder where to put the .jar file as there is several inside openHab project… thanks a lot

You want to install HABPanel or another addon?

The addons folder is found in: $OPENHAB_RUNTIME/addons
In Linux with apt-get installation: /usr/share/openhab2/addons/

Note: For HABPanel, you don’t need to do this manual installation of the *.jar file. You can install it using PaperUI in openHAB 2