Where did the event console go in OH3?

Hey everyone,

On OH2 there was an event console that showed all log output on port 9001. Where did this tool go with OH3?

I still had access after upgrading from 2 to 3, but after purging OH2 the tool is gone too.

Any ideas on how to get it back in OH3?


There was no such “event console” in OH. You probably used openHABian and ran frontail. That you can still do with OH3.

Yes, my bad. Confused openhabian with openhab…

As you are now aware, you are talking about Frontail. However, OH 3, unlike OH 2.5, actually does have an events console now. Open the developer sidebar (alt-shift-d) and click on the event stream tab (second icon). You can define filters by clicking the round icon to the right and click “stream” and you will see all the events that match the filter (or all events if you don’t define filters). Note that you will see even more events this way than events.log as there are tons and tons of events and event type that don’t get logged by default. For example you can see rules starting and stopping, Items updating, Things changing status, etc.

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