Where do I find openHAB Demo sitemap/UI implementation

Howdy folks!

I have openHAB on my iPhone. I would like to implement something similar to the Demo UI that’s on the iPhone/ios app. Where do I find sitemap and other configuration files that would allow me to mimic the Demo implementation.



Hello, unfortunately the first link is broken and I haven’t found the correct one. The second doesn’t help if you’d like to implement the sample elements of the iPhone. Thanks for help in advance!

I don’t get it. What’s your goal?

To implement a sitemap - which is used by Basic UI, Classic UI, the Android app and the iOS app - you need to create a sitemap file in your configuration (e.g. /etc/openhab2/sitemaps/myhome.sitemap) and build your structure as it is described at:


That is the official documentation on sitemaps and you will not find a better or more accurate and complete resource. That said, of course the page is not perfect and if you are missing a detail, let us know!


@rsaanon: I thing I had the same question and searched for the files.

Here is the online Demo:

And here some source files incl. item and sitemap files that you can copy and/or enhance: