Where do I find the Weather Underground binding?

Where do I find the Weather Underground binding? I see it listed here:


but I don’t see it under the Add-ons selection in OpenHab2. Please excuse my newbie-ness…

It is currently only part of the 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT test version. You’ll see the documentation of that version by default. Switching between the documentation versions is done at the top right corner of the documentation website.

So you can either install the test version now or wait until December 18th when most likely the next stable version is released. :slight_smile:

Another option to use it with openHAB 2.1.0 is via the Eclipse IoT Marktetplace addon which you can install via “Add-ons > Misc > Eclipse IoT Market”. Then when you click the refresh button at the top right corner in the Bindings screen it should also load content from the Marketplace.

you can use the WEATHER BINDING and configure Wunderground with it - you dont need the WundergroundBinding in 2.1.

Hi there. I just installed my first openHAB version and I wanted to add the Local Weather thing.
In the config page it says to get an API key from Weather Undergroup but when you go there you can find this page:
where it says that the API is not available free anymore.
I guess you should either change provider or find some other solution.
What do you think?

Already well known.

thanks @namraccr.