Where do i publish new bindings

Do we have a repository where we can release unofficial bindings.

Tried to get a working binding in to the release but the reviewers is to detailed for a hobby programmer.


The biggest feature with OpenHAB is stability. That is accomplished by, among other thing, meticulous coding.
Any code where the developer is unwilling to put that level of effort to fix should have big warning flags on it for any user IMO.

Then it should not depend on what reviewer you are assigned.
It is not stability issues.
You are recommended to use code and syntax from one maintainers code the you get in the review that you can not use that naming :slight_smile:


You are not assigned to a reviewer, all maintainers and even contributers can comment on your code and request changes.
And I would not say that it is to difficult to get a new binding through the process. I am also just a hobby contributer but have more than one binding in the distribution.

Well sometimes reviewers can give blunt advice or underestimate the developers level of understanding of the code, which can lead for a developer to become even more confused. Reviewers try to help with the best intentions and advice as possible. I can see your frustration here in the pr as this resulted in some of the confusion I mentioned.
But your impatients seem not completely warranted in relation to the overall working of the review process. Yes reviiews can take time and be thorough. But given the amount of work and dedication the reviewers take into reviewing. It’s all done with the best intentions to help you. And instead of blaming the reviewer try to learn something. Don’t just copy-paste some code. Try to understand. It will make you better at writing code and hopefully give you the enjoyement you’ve contributed and achieved something, and having fun.

Now to answer your question. You can publish your binding in the Eclipse smarthome iot marketplace. Your binding will be available to install from within PaperUI. With the move back of the openHAB core there needs to become a new solution for the eclipse marketplace as that is bound to eclipse and not openHAB. But for now the Eclipse marketplace is still the place to publish your unpublished binding.

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And just to add a comment, the reviews are not just to improve stability and quality. Many bindings get abandoned by their original authors. There must be some standards enforced so that other maintainers can pick up and at a minimum keep the binding updated to work with changes to the core.

One thing that a lot of hobby programmers do not realize, and even many professional coders as well, is that your audience is not the computer. It’s other programmers. With a project as big and diverse as openHAB, that means there are standards that must be defined and submitted code must comply with.


But this scenario becomes even worse when many users just uses jars released in threads.


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Isn’t that what you asked for in the initial thread?
I am a hobby programmer as well and it was a pain to get the binding reviewed. But having done it made me feel really good and I have already noticed that some changes needed in the binding, which were caused by overall changes, which could be done by others or even automatically.

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Well, yeah, but this is to be expected, isn’t it? After all, you all are doing these reviews in your spare/free time, right?. Being terse is ok IMO. Reviewers and contributors alike have jobs, families, other interests, etc. If I don’t understand a comment from a reviewer, Google almost always helps me research the answer (this is how I learn, as well). I try to ask the reviewer for clarification only as a last resort.

Having been in leadership positions most of my professional career, I had not written code in many, many years. Now that I’m no longer working, I have some extra time to do the things I enjoy. My skills have improved considerably since my first binding contribution a couple years ago. I thank the review process for helping to contribute to that improvement.

@tnemrap As I suggested in your other thread, please don’t get discouraged. Stick with it to conclusion, and you’ll be rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment that you contributed something to the distribution.


A note to the original poster, please remember we are all not native english speakers. A comment in german english can seem ‘terse’ in american english but is not meant to be so
Thank you Hilbrand, for all your help getting folks going with the new build environment, Dutchies not included, you are always very courtious