Where has the javadoc site moved?


Up until this morning (UTC+2), I was able to access the documentation for the openHAB classes at this URL:


But right now, it’s giving me a 404 error for any page that used to work.

Was this moved some place else?

Seems to be a build error…
For the moment, maybe you can get away with the older documents:

We have upgraded the website build to a newer node js version yesterday and everythink looked but it seems we have overlooked that part. I see something in the netlify logs that relates to javadoc but I am not sure how to interprete that issue. I got in touch with @Confectrician to have a look into it together with me.

I am already having a look at the problem and I am confident that I will find a solution soon!

Seems to be fine and fixed now

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That is indeed way enough for my usage, but I couldn’t remember this URL syntax and accessing the /javadoc folder directly also yielded a 404.

You guys rock, I did not expect it to be fixed during the week-end. I mean, when do you take your time off?

Many thanks for all involved.


Never, I even dream of openHAB :wink: