Where is logback.xml

I need to enable debugging for a specific binding.
In OH1 I’m using to modify the logback.xml file, but I can’t find that in OH2.
I can use log:set debug in the console, but the sets system wide debugging.

(Using OHb2)

Where can I find logback.xml or in which folder should I create it?

You were on the right track with log:set, you just need to specify the binding. For example, to enable DEBUG logging of the ZWave binding:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave

Would that configuration be strored somewhere? Or would it be restored to default after openhab restart?

It’s stored but I’m not sure where.

Yet another documentation fail.

Somebody really needs to address the fact that most of this “community” is the blind leading the blind because there is either no documentation, or worse, it is incorrect or outdated.

No such file when installing openHAB2 from deb

Changes in the Karaf console don’t hold over restarts, so that’s pretty useless for watching what happens when things come up and try to connect and update state.


Config File

The config file for logging is org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg located in the userdata/etc folder (manual setup) or in /var/lib/openhab2/etc (apt/deb-based setup).

Nope, this clearly isn’t the XML file that instructions tell you to edit, such as those referred to within the last month on the OH2 habmin2 zwave security thread


The configuration file for openHAB is placed in the openhab-distro/lauch/home/logback_debug.xml file. We have added a few comments on this file in order to attract your attention on some significant points:

Nope, nothing in /etc/openhab2, /var/lib/openhab2, or /usr/share/openhab2

I’ll talk about the inappropriateness both the fact that there are three configuration directories, as well as the bizarreness of those choices another day.

Yet another completely inconsistent bit of documentation.

It gets even worse if you try to search this board


This actually is the true location for the openHAB logging configuration.