Where is Openhab.cfg in Windows packet?

I cant find file Openhab.cfg in Windows packet in OpenHab2.
I downloaded packet and unzip it.
Google dont answer me.
He say about OpenHab 2 on RaspberriPi.

In OH 2 the openhab.cfg doesn’t exist anymore. For OH 2 bindings it’s not needed anymore, because the configuration is done via things.

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In OH2, no longer use openHAB.cfg, in OH2 config file set as it’s individual file, e.g. Matt set conf>services Matt.cfg

The cfg files are just for still supported openhab 1 bindings. The cfg file will be created after adding the binding. But not for OH 2 Bindings.

But not for OH 2 Bindings?

Correct, Official 2.x bindings do not need a separate CFG file. Any settings if needed would be done via the GUI in either PaperUI or Habmin.

Example, the Zwave 2.0 binding. Instead of having a cfg file to set your settings. After you install the binding, you then add your Controller and set the your USB port within the GUI, not via cfg file anymore.