Where is openhab.cfg?

I’ve just installed OpenHAB2 on a fresh Debian 8.x (“Jessie”) system using the official repository. I can’t find any of the configuration files mentioned in the docs. There is no file called “openhab_default.cfg” or “openhab.cfg” anywhere.

There are tons of configuration directories under “/etc/openhab2”, but this large number just confuses my feeble mind.

I presume that all these different files under /etc/openhab2 are equivalent to openhab.cfg, but is there a document which describes them all?


openhab.cfg is the old configuration file from openHAB1 and is now replaced with individual binding config files.
For details see section “Configure Add-ons” in http://docs.openhab.org/tutorials/migration.html#configure-add-ons

If you are a beginner in openHAB2 I recommend to setup the demo to get familiar with openHAB: