Where is Openhab Log IP Address from webui defined?

Hi All,

I recently moved my Openhab server running on a rpi4 from one IP Address to another in the same subnet. When I try to access the Openhab Log from the webui, it is trying to access the old IP Address and thus fails to access. When I manually access NEW_IP_ADDRESS:9001 in a browser, I can successfully access the logs.

Based on a past post, I looked in the runtime.cfg file in /etc/openhab/services. But could not find the frontail command line parametres there.

I am currently running OH 3.4.2 on a rpi4.


If it is not un the runtime.cfg, it should be here:

(Note that /srv/openhab-… is a symlink only available on openHABian, it is /var/lib/openhab on Linux in general)

Thank-you @florian-h05!
I made the update and restarted OH.
That fixed the issue!

I wonder if this is a bug in OH 3.4.2 when changing IP addresses …

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You are welcome!

I don‘t think this should be considered a bug, the tiles are set up once and not updated then. Automatically changing IP addresses inside the tiles‘ addresses can lead to unattended side effects, e.g. if you add Grafana which runs on another host.

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