Where is the default page stored?

My OH install is working fine. I typically access it via http://XXXXXXXX.world:8080/ Running on Raspberry Pi. Standard install.

This works fine, no problem with it. However, I was curious where that is set. I have multiple pages, and while the correct one is the default, I’d still like to know where that is set. BTW - it is not a sitemap but a LAYOUT page, if that makes any difference.

I have looked through the options, searched for the answer, but I have not been able to figure out how I managed to set it in the first place. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Everything you configure through MainUI gets stored in the JSONDB. Custom blocks, pages, and widgets get stored in $OH_USERDATA/jsondb/uicomponents_ui_*.json. But keep in ming that almost everything you see gets created on the fly based on these configurations. There is no HTML file sitting somewhere. It’s all Java servlets, REST API calls and JavaScript frameworks to build up the pages.

But if you are asking how that URL that you use to access openHAB is set, it’s not something you’ve set. The http:// part says you are not using an encrypted connection. The xxxxxxxx.world part is the name of the machine and that works because either the machine announces that’s what it’s name is or you’ve set up DNS on your system to map the machine’s name to the machine’s IP address. The :8080 is the default http port openHAB saves.

So, as you can see, nothing in that URL is really something you set up, at least not set up through openHAB.

If you are talking about how to change the first page that gets shown to you, MainUI doesn’t really support that right now. The Overview page is the default that gets shown.

not sure if I understood you correctly but if you want to start MainUI from your homescreen with a custom starting page, then see here

Let me try to explain more clearly: I access by typing moretrees.XXXXX:8080
This gets me to the user interface that I am happy with. What I don’t understand is where that is set and how it knows to launch that “page”. This screen shot shows the list of pages — moretress.XXXXX:8080 launches the one called “Cabin on Camano”, which is what I want but I do not know how it knows to use that one. It must be set somewhere but I don’t know where and have been unable to find where it is.

Sorry, I am sure this is SO basic, but I am having a hard time connecting the dots.

That is the one with the special identifier overview. As Rich said, that’s the default option. But it’s not the default option because of some setting. It “knows” to load that page because all the pages are dynamically built and the UI is hard-coded to present the home page with the tabs that include the semantic information (locations, equipment, and properties) and the overview page first. You can’t change that behavior. There are work-arounds for some special circumstances such as the thread that Oliver gave the link to, but again, that’s not changing a setting that alters how the UI works.