Where is the pi rc switch binding gone

(Dietl) #1

manuell installation
shows in bundle: list
234 │ Active │ 80 │ 1.9.0 │ openHAB Raspberry Pi RC Switch
Bundle IDs:
Error executing command: Error installing bundles:
Unable to install bundle 234: org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Error reading bundle content.
how can i install the bundle?I am using version 1.4.1


(Markus Storm) #2

Your post is pretty confusing and lacks details you need to provide to get you a proper answer.
Which OH version do you run ? What do you mean by “manuell installation” ?
Why do you want to install a bundle that bundle:list shows to already be active ??
It’s installed otherwise it cannot become active (sort of makes sense, eh?)
You run version 1.4.1 of what?


(Dietl) #3

excuse me please, im a beginner.
The OH Version = 2.4.0-1 (Release Build)
“manuell installed” = i copied the binding to openhab2-addons with win10 explorer

the binding is not shown in the paper ui bindings.


(Markus Storm) #4

1.X bindings don’t show up in PaperUI.
As yours IS shown as active in the console, it seems to be running. So where’s your problem ?


(Dietl) #5

Thank you, OK
i followed openHab Binding an Item Configuration for the binding and
created a rpircswitch.cfg in folder services with
and an item
Switch sitp {rpircswitch=“11111:10000”}
when i switch on habpanel occured
[ERROR] [rcswitch.internal.RPiRcSwichBinding] - Transmitter has not been initialized. Please configure it correctly in your openhab configuration

The Transmitter works correct with
./send 11111 10000 1 how described in

when i try with the item from there

Switch sitp “Funksteckdose 11111 A” {exec=“OFF:/opt/rc-switch/rcswitch-pi/send 11111 10000 0, ON:/opt/rc-switch/rcswitch-pi/send 11111 10000 1”}

there is no error and no reaction.

what is wrong?


(Markus Storm) #6

First, open a new thread please. Your question now is a completely different one.

Second, you’re asking for a very special case: you’re a beginner and trying to get an unofficial 1.X binding to work with some HW you didn’t even bother mentioning, following a 6yr old tutorial.
Duh. I doubt anyone will be able to help you there.

Your problem rather sounds to me like an instance of the XY problem: you have HW (that you didn’t tell us about) that you want to use with openHAB 2.
I suggest you better search the forum for alternative solutions.
BTW the rpircswitch binding isn’t used in your 2nd setup (your line at the bottom only uses the exec binding).