Where ist the Raspberry Pi RC Switch Binding gone?

I was looking for the Raspberry Pi RC Switch Binding in my OpenHAB 2 installation…but i cant find it.
It is still shown on the website of OpenHAB.
I need it for working with Alexa because now…i have to build an extra switch for an exec binding switch.
Alexa cant find any String switches…so i made a dummy switch which triggeres the string switchby a rule.

I hope you can help me.

best regards Sebastian

Did you find a resolution, I have the same issue.

I got the same issue. Maybe use the EXEC-Binding in combination with this (german) tutorial:

My rough summary:


RaspberryPi Sender Receiver
Pin 2 (5V) VCC VCC
Pin 11 (GPIO17) – RPi Nr.1 ATAD —-
Pin 13 (GPIO27) – RPi Nr.2 —- DATA


git clone git://git.drogon.net/wiringPi && cd wiringPi &&./build
git clone https://github.com/ninjablocks/433Utils.git --recursive
cd 433Utils/RPi_utils
make all

from directory 433Utils/RPi_utils on receiver side:

sudo ./RFSniffer

from directory 433Utils/RPi_utils on sender side you can send 8 digits:

sudo ./codesend 12345678