Where to configure HABPanel?

Hi everyone,

I would like to use HABPanel in conjunction with Fully Kiosk Browser on a Nexus 7 (2012). I wonder what’s the best way to configure the dashboard.

Doing it all on the Android tablet is not an option as you need to write some (HTML) code. So what’s the best alternative? I would like to use my PC’s web browser but I need an instant preview which uses the dimensions/ressolution of my tablet. Any ideas?

I tried AirDroid in order to mirror the tablet screen to my PC, but that’s not reliable enough. I guess the best way is to configure the dashboard on a PC and store it on the openHAB server, but how do I get rid of the dimension/resolution issue?

Any other ideas I did not think about so far?

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The Chrome Developer Tools will let you emulate whatever you need.

I’m not positive that this addresses your needs, but you can save and load panel configurations to your openHAB server. To do this, make a simple test panel using a computer. Go to the configuration page, select “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration.” Then get your tablet and get to the same configuration page. You should see your new server-saved configuration from the other device as an option. Select it, hit ok when warned, and you will have the same panel on both devices. You can use your computer to make changes and hit refresh on your tablet to see your changes. Another benefit of this approach is that you can back up your habpanel configuration along with the rest of openHAB.

It’s not perfect as you won’t have identical resolutions, but having the tablet available to view your changes makes this pretty easy to overcome.

I’m also using Fully Kiosk Browser, but i cant select another theme with this browser, do other people have the same problem? This wasn’t a problem with HABPanel 2.0. Can Fully Kiosk be added to the supported browsers(it is using chrome engine)?

I like that approach.

Maybe I just do not understand when the configuration is synced. Whenever I change the configuratin it seems to be synced immediately, but how do I “refresh” the configuration on the tablet?

I have found that the refresh button that habpanel provides doesn’t work, so I use the browser’s refresh button. If you use the fully browser it’s an option if you swipe from the left. And, to answer the rest of your question- it seems like it’s synced right after you hit “save.”