Where to find compiled jar files not yet included in the last Milestone release


I am a github newbie and wonder how to find the compiled (latest) binding jar-files.

I can see the latest official files here

But I can’t find the binding (volvo) regarding the pull below.

Any hint is greatly appeciated - and sorry for this possibly stupid question.

I think they are also within the artifactory.


Thanks Simon,
I have been once on jfrog, but did not find the file which should be something like


This binding is not included in the distro yet, so you will need to build it yourself.


Isn’t this the right one?

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I guess that’s the one I have, but I thought there is a newer one.

You are probably right, but i hoped that this was done already.
So, either I need to wait until it’s included or try to build it :open_mouth:

Thanks to both of you for your help!

When included, you’ll find it here…


Alright - thanks, Scott

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I found a volvooncall-2.4.0 snapshot binding here not sure if its the one your looking for but hope it helps.

Thanks - It’s around the same creation time like the file I use right now.
However, I will try it as well :slight_smile:

To check the actual version, you could open the jar with something that can open zip files (jars are just archives), and open /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. You’ll find the version in there to compare to what your running.

That’s a great tipp.
I will try that - thanks a lot for your help.

The locations pointed at by @Simsal and @H102 both reference the same September 17 build ( of the VolvoOnCall binding. There should be a newer build, but I guess we must ask the author @glhopital where to download it.