Where to find hexadecimal serial number for Velux window in KLF200 (fw

Where do I find the 8 digit hexadecimal serial number in my KLF200 hub? According to the documentation it should be listed in de web interface of the hub. The Velux UI is extremely minimal and (at least) in firmware does not seem to list the serial numbers anywhere.

I’ve resorted to configuring with an eight 00 serial number as for Somfy products (as mentioned in the docs) and the configured name for the window. Is that the way to go?

A thing is configured allright, but after making equipment in the appropriate room I cannot control the window with the up and down buttons in the main UI (which of course could be my failing understanding of main UI configuration, but that could be a different topic).

This is the thing config:

UID: velux:window:velhub:8d39c749cb
label: Velux overloop zolder
thingTypeUID: velux:window
  name: Velux_overloop_zolder
  inverted: false
  serial: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
bridgeUID: velux:klf200:velhub

OK, no replies for 3 days… because it actually proved to be a pretty stupid question.

Short answer is, you don’t.

Because you don’t need to.

Once the Velux bridge is detected it’s status is “OFFLINE” until you configure it with the correct password (the one on the back of your Velux HUB, so NOT “velux123”). Once done the hub will turn to " ONLINE".
Under Settings/Things you can then add additional things for the binding. I was confused because it shows a list of five “things” that can be manually configured (and it wants the mentioned 8 hexadecimal digit item code). I had overlooked the big blue “scan” button (how??) that, once pressed, will auto discover all your windows, blinds etc that you added beforehand to your HUB.

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