Which bindings are installed?

I’m new to OH2, and one thing has been rather unclear to me:
Which addons do I have installed?

My understanding is that you can drop compatible addon JARs into the conf/addons/ directory, and they will be picked up by the OSGI container that OH uses.
But then there also is the conf/services/addons.cfg file, where you can specify a package; which - I think - is just a group of addons, as well as individual addons (UIs, bindings, etc.)
And finally, there’s the Apache Karaf shell, which also allows you to install repositories - and from those repositories addons.

I also read that there is the userdata/ folder, which is supposed to be the only folder that the OH installation needs write-access to. So I’m guessing that somewhere in there, OH downloads & installs addons that have been requested by the conf/services/addons.cfg file, as well as the Karaf shell.

Without using the Karaf shell, it doesn’t seem to be possible to find which addons OH is currently using - but how that works in the specific case of OH2 is hardly documented. In OH1, it was rather easy: You’d just check your addons folder, and you’d know exactly which ones were installed.

From these observations, I’d like to know a couple of things:

  • What is the best way to list all installed addons?
  • Where do the definitions for packages live?
  • Does removing addons from the conf/services/addons.cfg file uninstall addons? That doesn’t seem to be the case, so what is the best way to do that?

Hi Maarten,

All valid questions - a few of them you might find answered here. I’d suggest to do any further discussion on the other thread.