Which charset should I use (sitemap)

My Sitemap is not recognized, when saved as UTF-8 / UTF8 w/o BOM
Currently it only works in ANSI.
This is the error message i got.

2017-02-12 09:54:22.231 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model 'dominic.sitemap' has errors, therefore ignoring it: [1,1]: extraneous input '' expecting 'sitemap'

IMHO UTF-8 is better for special characters, emojis, and so on.

How can i avoid this error?
I am working with Notepad++
Line ending is UNIX(LF)

First line needs to be:

sitemap dominic label="Your Label"

Note the lower case “s” in sitemap.

Yeah, but it only struggles when converted to any UTF-8 code set.
What about the bracket after that?
Space in between or no space. There is no error by the automated syntax checker.

Spaces don’t matter.

Mostly I’m using the Eclipse Designer to create the text files in openHAB, but sometimes I’m also using Notepad++.
My encoding is also UTF-8 w/o BOM and it works fine.
Try switching to “Ansicht”, “Nichtdruckbare Zeichen”, “Alle Zeichen anzeigen” and see if you have any weird characters in there.

Also double check the docs to see if you have any errors in your sitemap definition:


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Thanks for the hint with Notepad++
i found a few unnessecary tabs and spaces, also a few non readable “umlauts” in the labels, i adjusted them, now it’s working again.

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Which charset is the one which works best with OH2?

Since switching to OH2 snapshot i get some errors with ´EOF´ and so on.

I use notepad++ on Windows10 to edit my files (show invisible things is on). I use UTM-8 without BOM for every file. I also switched to UNIX line break (only LF - no CR).

But the warnings/errors are still there.

Which charsets can i use and in which charsets can i use german umlauts (ä, ö, ü)? Are these characters working in ANSI as well or are they only working with UTM-8?

I think i have to manually change all my german umlauts in all of my files, because when i change only the charset in notepad++, then these characters are changed to some strange things?