Which files are relevant for a reinstallation

So I have a corrupt SD Card.
I have some conf. backups and a .img file from Win32 as backup, which I did some months ago.
The SD Card is still running but after some hours of runtime it just stops and shutsdown.
So I’m still able to get configuration data. Which files can I use to make a reinstallation easier and faster?
Thanks in advantage !

If you only used conf files (.items, .rules, .sitemap) and installed your bindings through addons.cfg (and not just PaperUI), you should only need to copy your backup “conf” files/folders over a brand new OH installation, add any Autodiscovered Things from your Inbox, and mostly be good to go - you will need to go back and change any PaperUI configuration settings (i.e. turning ON/OFF the Simple item mode, setting your default persistence service, setting location, etc…).

Also, get a USB stick and move your root fs to it asap, so the new SD card doesn’t go corrupt in a few months :wink: