Which is the package loading additional bundles from addons folder?

For some reason, a binding of mine is not loaded when it is added to the addon folder. Another binding in the same directory is loaded without any problem, so the location is correct, but mine does not appear in OH3’s list of bundles where I can add a thing (UI: Thing -> “+”).
I would like to debug that to see if the system recognizes that a file is added and an eventual reason it does not load properly. However, I could not find the package that is responsible for that - “list -s” in the console did not help. Which package name do I have to log to get this information?

There are 2 (at least) common reasons for this:

  • The binding has a dependency that is not resolved.

  • If the binding jar file was downloaded from somewhere on GitHub, it’s a common mistake to download the HTML instead of the jar file.

Thank you @mhilbush . However, this problem only appears with one user, for me it works, so it is not about a dependency. the pom.xml doesn’t contain any dependency anyway.
I don’t know about the other reason. However, wouldn’t it show an error message then on the console? Or at least if I set a TRACE log. But for that, I need the package name :wink:
The file that does not load is this one, just for information (the file does not correspond to the sources in that git repository): openhab-addons/org.openhab.binding.airq-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar at 2.5.x · aurelio1/openhab-addons · GitHub

No. It’s evil. It just silently ignores the file even though it appears to be named correctly. I’ve seen this happen countless times.

Having said that, you might be able to set DEBUG or TRACE mode on a bundle, but I’m not sure which one. Maybe org.openhab.core.

Thank you @mhilbush . Yes, thats an evil behaviour. org.openhab.core does not show any message concerning module loading, I also tried all bundle names that include karaf. Until now without success.
The fact that on my OpenHAB installation it loads, but on another it doesn’t is a bit odd.

I had the same problem, that an jar-file on addons folder was not loaded.
The source of the problem was the download with wget:
Working-URL: https://github.com/markus7017/myfiles/blob/master/shelly/org.openhab.binding.shelly-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar?raw=true
NOT working-URL: myfiles/org.openhab.binding.shelly-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar at master · markus7017/myfiles · GitHub

Please made sure, that you add ?raw=true by downloading from github.

Exactly. Otherwise you get an HTML page with a .jar extension.

Thank you @manswiss and @mhilbush , that was the solution. The URL must include that ?raw=true, then it works. Thanks for your help!