Which KNX binding to choose?

I’m seeing various KNX bindings available to set up the integration with OpenHab.

But I miss the overview a bit. Which KNX binding is recommended if you just want a stable, working integration? I have OpenHab 2.1, but I don’t care about “things” or “discovery”, I’m used to working with my .items file.

I think I have these options:



I’m interested too which version should be used?

@Dries: How did you find the KNX 2.0 Binding?


knx2.0 binding is beta (in the meaning of “really strange things will apear…”) so better use knx1.9 binding.

@wkaa: I’ve found the 2.0 binding in this topic.
@Udo_Hartmann: thanks! Do you use the out-of-the-box binding or an alternative version (e.g. org.openhab.binding.knx-1.9.0-201611251544).