Which led controller would you recommend to use via ethernet


I am searching for a led controller for some led stripes.
I have seen the Hue and the MiLight, but both are using wifi.
Is there any easy-to-use option to control led stripes via openhab2 using an ethernet connection?

Thank you very much.

I am using Hue and currently have a lightstrip in the kitchen. I’ve setup the Hue brigde via Ethernet and it works like a charm.

Hi Christian_V,

thank you for your quick reply.

So there is no WiFi necessary?
Is it possible to deactivate WiFi on Hue?

Thank you very much.

To be honest I haven’t seen a WiFi option on Hue at all. What you need to start with Hue is either a Starter Kit which includes a Hue Bridge or you buy your stuff separate. But in both cases you need the Bridge to communicate with your Hue Devices. Hue itself usess the Zigbee Standard protocol to communicate with the bulbs, strips etc…

Ok, thank you for that information about Hue.

All in all I am not a fan of wireless communication.
Does anybody know a wired solution? Maybe via ethernet or connected via SPI or sth. else?

You may consider a wired installation bus system like KNX. There you’ll find e.g.:


But building up a base setup for KNX just for one lightstrip in the kitchen is kind of overkill :wink:

Found something acting directly on Ethernet :wink:

Chepest option is arduino and neopixel, but thats quite a bit of work…
Doesnt Milight use bridge as well?
Also artnet dmx to ws2811 leds works smooth with OH

Thank you all for your reply.

I will try it via DMX. For this I ordered the following:

Well lets see, If it will work together with OH2 like a charme or not.