Which OH version for newbie?

I have pretty much had it with my Vera unit and need something a bit more stable. I have heard some good things about OH and really like the new 2.0 version, however I am wondering about the stability of it since it is in beta right now. I am not a programmer but I am pretty comfortable with Linux so I wanted to sake the community here if OH 2 was stable enough to start off with or should I stick with the latest v1?


I recommend starting with 1.8.1 for now, get comfortable with it, get it connected, etc., and when openHAB 2 is nearing release, you will find that your items, sitemaps and rules can copy right over, so you won’t have to re-invent everything under 2 if you don’t want to.

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I agree pn 1.81. And I advise using the designer tool to start. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but so often when text file editing I introduce mistakes that break something unrelated to the task in hand I don’t realise till a week later that a rule is nolonger functioning properly. All the best with your trip down oh it is worth it.