Which persistence is good for charting except rrdj4?

Hi !
I have problem with rrdj4, which I am unable to fix. I have descibed here:

I have edit my rule and even following request cause problem:
var Number Gaz_10 =(Gaz.deltaSince(now.minusMinutes(10),"rrd4j")).intValue

Problem occurs in random periods :frowning:, even when data is properly stored.

Which similar persistence service can I use for charting ?

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The problems you have with rrd4j could be raised by not persisting the values every minute, since rrd4j required to do exactly that.

Wow, looks nice. I must check it. Thx

Of curse I have :
strategy = everyMinute, restoreOnStartup
Otherwise I can not generate a chart.
Problem is strange, because it is occur from time to time.

Sorry, however the quoted sentence from your older post sounded like you were persisting only every 5 minutes.
I did see many threads complaining about rrd4j, in most of those cases the users did persist non numeric values (not working), did not persist every minute or used the default archives and are wondering why rrd4j does “change” some of their persisted values (values are computed in those archives that keep a single value for a period longer then a minute).
InfluxDB plus Grafana looks very good to me as well, however I think the additional load for the needed (2) services isn’t worth it IN MY CASE.

Yes, previously I experimented with every 5min, but I have problems with charts, so I have back to everyminute strategy. My default persistence is mapDb, because I use it for the rest of items.
I have checked with Habmin and values are stored correctly. Errors occur when I try to read the value, but not always.

BTW. Does InfluxDB work with Openhab 1.8 ?

Sorry, can’t tel since I’m on OH2.
Did some test regarding .historicState and .deltaSince on my rrd4j db and saw your reported problems as well. Can’t tell why I got no result in some cases.

ok, thanks Jurgen !