Which Thermostat to buy for my underfloor heating

I recently moved to a new apartement. In the old apartement I completely disconnected the central underfloor heating controller and created my own logic by Temperature sensors, Shelly Relais to control the valves and an appropriate logic in OpenHAB rules.

Now that we will stay for longer in this apartment, I would like to replace the existing Thermostats with smart models, so also my wife can control them :wink:

The actors are in 230V, NC (Water Heating).

There are so many models out there so that it’s not easy to decide which one to choose. Does anyone have good experience with a specific model (shouldn’t cost more than 90€ per Thermostat).

As communication I would prefer Wifi (as long as the API is “open” enough) or as second solution (as in my experience Wifi is more stable) Zigbee to work with zigbee2mqtt.

And then if I could wish something, I would like to have it also optically neat - black background with colorful content on the (touch) screen :blush:

If you’re the owner of the heating system: none.

Open all valves and regulate flow rate according to heat demand of the rooms and stabilize room temperature by adjusting flow temperature.

This saves money for new thermostats, increases system efficiency and so on.

If you’re renting and it’s legal for you to change the thermostat system, wire all thermostats to one. I can recommend you nspanel with tasmota working as a thermostat

This really depends on the usage pattern. For example the living room should stay warm at all time. The sleeping room is used as homeoffice during the (working) day but should be cold enough in the night. The bathroom should be warm and especially a bit warmer when we have bathing day for the baby.
One central setting that keeps everything at the same temperature is not suitable here IMO.

I use the danfoss living connect system for years. This is not compatible with OH. For testing I replaced one thermostat with the newer version ( danfoss Ally), which works with zigbee. The conbee II stick works at a raspby 4 without any trouble.
This thermostat is also available from Popp.

I control UFH with HeatMiser NeoStats, and integrate them into OH via a NeoHub. This means that a user can set the temperature via the room unit. And/or you can monitor and adjust it from OpenHab. And/or they have an App that allows remote monitoring and control.