Which USB/SATA adapter is successfully working for PI4 SSD boot

I successfully setup my Pi4 for booting from USB.
When using the latest image from the Openhabian github pi-raspios32 I only need to replace the *.elf and *.dat files (16 files) with the version from 25th of May from the official raspian github.
So it boots from my USB stick.
But … it doesn´t when using my SSD connected via the Inateck FE2005 adapter I am using for a Kingston 1GB SSD.
When I connect the adapter after booting from the USB it successfully gets recognized as SDB. The blue LED is blinking when trying to boot from it but it looks like there is something strange with the adapter, can that be?
BTW it also works without an issue when connected to a Windows PC.

So therefore my question - anyone using this adapter and can boot from it to PI OS or Openhabian?

I have not tried it myself, but this is considered a great source of information regarding “RaspberryPi 4 USB boot”.

There is also a list of compatible adapters.

Thank you, this page looks promising.
I wasn’t aware that there are adapters not compatible for booting on the Pi4.
I can access the SSD when booted via the SD, but not booting from it - strange!
On that page you shared I quickly went through and realized that there is one trick I can try, maybe this works I will let you know the result.

OK just to let you know, don´t buy the Inateck USB3 to SATA devices when trying to use an SSD as boot device for your PI4.
I exactly bought this sh… device and YES it is exactly that one which definitely does NOT work … the chipset is JMicron based JMS578 device.
Now I ordered the Startech adapter on Amaz… (reference in the linked article above) which is known working for Pi4 USB booting.

I can confirm that also the ELUTENG works.