Which version/branch to choose in openhabian-config after release of stable OH3?

When starting openHABian-config, I get asked which version I want to use. Is it safe to change from openHAB3 to stable or even master? I am still a little scared to change anything as I had problems with uninstalled Java 11 when upgrading from RC2 to the stable OH3 release.


I would suspect that the “openHAB3” version listed there should now be obsolete and I can safely move to “stable”?

Noone? :expressionless:

No. Why do people so often assume stuff that isn’t written in neither SW, docs nor forum ?
Doing so is the safest way to screw up their system.

Read Known issues on OH3 upgrade

Sorry for assuming. It’s just not very intuitive, I must say (and I have been using openHAB for over 3 years now). One sentence when starting openhabian-config regarding which openHABian branch should be used would have made it much easier.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.

It was and still is supposed to work automatically (the most intuitive version possible, isn’t it) hence no “sentence” is needed.
It wouldn’t be a single one anyway because it’s way more complicated than that under the hood. Reason among others is it depends on the method you used to install openHABian and config params.
A lot of potential for more misunderstandings. This is why there intentionally is no such “sentence”.

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