Which weather binding to use

How does your api.key look like ?

Mine looks like this


in the weather.cfg.


apikey.OpenWeatherMap= (32 digits)

Try you key here:


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Sorry i’m newbie. I do not quite understand what is meant with that:

I tried the browser-site with my key: http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/forecast?id=524901&APPID=mykey-1-32
in this case and got this back:

so i think it should work.

When starting the system i get the following information:

2018-10-12 13:41:04.326 [INFO ] [eather.internal.common.WeatherConfig] - ProviderConfig[providerName=OPENWEATHERMAP,apiKey=myapikey1-32]

2018-10-12 13:41:04.329 [INFO ] [eather.internal.common.WeatherConfig] - LocationConfig[providerName=OPENWEATHERMAP,language=de,updateInterval=30,latitude=48.xxxxx,longitude=9.yyyy,woeid=<null>,locationId=home-owm,name=Berlin]

2018-10-12 13:41:04.330 [INFO ] [eather.internal.common.WeatherConfig] - LocationConfig[providerName=YAHOO,language=de,updateInterval=30,latitude=<null>,longitude=<null>,woeid=123456,locationId=home-yh,name=Berlin]

As i look now on your error message, it seems to by nearly the same as mine. I get data too from OWM.
So if you have no idea, i will set logging to OFF:

to ignore when data is coming.:wink:

For now. I think they plan on disabling the API in January. There is supposedly a new API they will release but it is unclear whether it will be free for users like us or not. All signs are pointing to no, it will not be free.

Hi @rlkoshak do you mean weatherunderground or openweathermap? I’ve seen that @cweitkamp is developing a special binding for openweathermap .( openweathermap.binding :thinking: )

From what it states on the Weather Underground site, free API keys will not be offered in the future.

To improve our services and enhance our relationship with our users, we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program

Current keys will expire the end of the year.

Your subscriptions, and therefore access, will continue to work through 12/31/2018.


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From https://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/ => follow Important Notice

"For developers who use WU API data for non-commercial purposes, you will have access to a new plan for a personal use, low call volume API. Stay tuned for more details as we build this out.

There is still some hope :smiley:

all I see is this

To improve our services and enhance our relationship with our users, we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program. If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution.

So, is the right way to go is to use Weather binding and connect it to my preferred / available service?

yes, choose the “my preferred / available service” . How accurate it works, I think depends on the region. for my location weather underground delivers the best values which represents the real status. But since last week I get a lot of connection errors. I will move to a different one now.

But not so easy, I use it for shadowing. All the others I tested say it is fully cloudy or fully sunny but it is the opposite :wink:

Shadow when no sun or no shadow if sun :wink: My wife will kill me :wink:

Seems like weather binding doesn’t support OWM any more so I am not sure how good it is to use it now (as we also have yahhoo and WU in separate bindings).

There is a “native” OWM Binding available now: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/openweathermap/

It works very well! (but you need OH 2.4.0 M5+)

Thread here: Announcing OpenWeatherMap binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB

I decommissioned my old weather1 binding (using Wunderground) recently also (I was getting more frequent errors) and I am using OWM now.

Though it’s worth mentioning that both Yahoo and WU are end of life and will stop working in the near future. Both services have announced they are stopping free access to their APIs.


So beside OWM, what is left?

I don’t know. I’m probably going to parse data from NOAA.gov. My tax dollars are paying for it and it is actually human reviewed instead of just algorithms. Unfortunately the data is not in a very friendly format so it will take a bit.

EDIT: typo, it is a .gov address, not a .org address.


I don’t pull anything up for that, is that the correct name?

Sorry, brain fart. It’s NOAA.gov. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. They run the satellites and provide the weather data that pretty much every other commercial service in the US uses their basis. When you see radar maps and satellite imagery or clouds, its NOAA provided data.

I also came across this page -https://forecast-v3.weather.gov/documentation which also looks to use the NOAA data with an API and text only options. If anyone more savvy than I wants to see if leveraging this is a possibility?