Which wired doorbell and configuration for video calls and private recording


I have a KNX installation at home that I configured myself in ETS6.
I have QNAP NAS and I am running openhabian on a Raspberry 4 in 32bits.
I am planning to install a PoE wall mounted tablet with openhab dashboard.
I am looking for a doorbell system (preferably wired) and I would like your recommendations/advices.

I would like the doorbell to include a camera.
I have some movement sensor that could already trigger the camera but I would not mind that the doorbell has its own trigger.
I would like that a push on the doorbell trigger a chime (inside the house) and that the door ringer gets notified (if chime is not loud enough) that the button pushed worked.
I would like that the movement detection starts recording (on LAN) a video stream displayable on the dashboard. (is that possible?) In a near future I would have 2-3 additional camera outdoor that I would like to have the same behavior. I didn’t investigate that solution yet but I am hoping to save those videos on my QNAP NAS.
I would like that the button push trigger some kind of video call towards the dashboard panel AND towards other devices which could be not in the LAN. (I am seeing that as some sort of whatsapp group call)
I would like to avoid brands making images transitting to their servers.

I have seen and read a few threads about doorbells on this forum but I am still not sure which brand and configuration would allow me to fullfill my wishes for that system.

I am wondering if something like Reolink Video Doorbell PoE is fitting my needs and if any of you have already some experience with it?

Kind regards,