Which (wireless) hardware (standard) to automate roller blinds / jalousies and marquee

Which hardware and standard should one use to automate roller blinds / jalousies and a marquee?
At least the roller blinds / jalousies should work wireless. For the marquee it might be possible to use a wire but that wouldn’t be the preferred solution.

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E.g. Fibaro FGRM-223
Motors, almost any standalone will do.


Somfy RTS with the RFXtrx433XL

That’s proprietary stuff. Only ever do that when you already possess devices that you want to connect to OH. But as long as you’re free to choose, never ever get into proprietary systems.
No chance to exchange single devices by some alternative product or vendor when in need (and there WILL be need sooner or later).


Yes, Z-Wave and Somfy are proprietary but almost all other blind motors supported by the RFXtrx433XL use a proprietary protocol:
A-OK blind motors (RF01,AC114,AC123,AC127,AC129 controlled)
ASA ETR blind motors
ASP blind motors
BOFU EYB25 EY1612 blind motors
BTX blind motors, remote, part# 490.2076
Brel blind motors Bi-Directional is not supported!
Chamberlain CS4330CN
Confexx CNF24-2435
Dolat DLM-1 controlled motors
Dooya blind motors, remotes tested: DC305,DC306,DC307,DC313,DC1602,DC1650,DC1651,DC2700
Bi-Directional is not supported!
ESMO blind motors
Forest blind/curtain motors
Gaposa ER motors 434.15MHz
Harrison curtain
Hasta blind motors
JVS screens
Kimex projection screen
Kingpin KP100 projection screen
Louvolite one touch motorised blinds
Media Mount Projector screen
Motiva blinds, remote BY-305
Motostar blinds
Nobily rolladenmotor
Omnia Go blinds
Outlook Motion Blinds
Proluxx projection screen
Quotidom (not the Solutio version)
RAEX blind motor (YR1326 controlled)
RohrMotor24 RMF blind motors
RollerTrol blind motors
Screenline motors
Silverline Premium
Simu Hz (not BHz!)
Somfy RTS
Sunflower brand KT52E motorized Curtain track,Single track, DOOYA motor
Sunpery blind motors
YOODA blind motors

Somfy is proprietary. ZWave is a standard.
In ZWave you have a choice from more than 1000 devices, including a couple of roller shutter actuators from several vendors.
It’s about the wireless actuator, not the motor. Motors are not part of the discussion.
Any reasonable motor to have two input wires (up & down) can be combined with any reasonable actuator.

This can’t be emphasized enough!

Another alternative is MQTT (WiFi)

I use wireless RF based motors and a Broadlink RM Pro ro control - requires charging batteries every month or so but works well

Nonsense :wink:
Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z-Wave at the chapter Security were you will find:
Z-Wave is based on a proprietary design. Discussion closed.

Let’s not move away from the initial question:
Which hardware and standard should one use to automate roller blinds / jalousies and a marquee?
At least the roller blinds / jalousies should work wireless. For the marquee it might be possible to use a wire but that wouldn’t be the preferred solution.

That’s a disputable statement all by itself, and based on clearly is not the same as ìs.
You meant this to be funny?
It’s about the impact, i.e. choice of devices you have/will keep having when your vendor chooses to stop or change his product line for business reasons of his own.
ZWave, unlike Somfy, Nest and others, will leave you with choices even if you continue to insist on calling this ‘proprietary’.

Then in the first place, don’t forget about the title.

Or ZigBee. However, while a standard, I didn’t recommend both of these because they do not really bring you the advantages that you usually get from a standard: to provide a choice from a rich range of devices (are there more than Shellys? any decent ZigBee roller shutter at all ?) and to allow for seamless exchange of devices when in need (which requires either upper protocol layer compatibility or changes to the OH side).

This implies that ZigBee isn’t a standard which I’m sure was not your intention.

Z-Wave has a long and interesting history. When it first came out and for many years it has been a proprietary protocol protected by legal contract (i.e. you had to sign an NDA to see the spec). The Z-wave binding for OH was originally developed by reverse engineering the protocol.

In recent years Z-Wave has completely opened up the spec for all to see and use, though you still need to go through certain validation testing in order to use the Z-Wave logo.

So yes, it is based on a proprietary design, but it has since been completely opened up for all to see.

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Z-wave uses the same licensing model as CAN or EtherCAT. While being based on patents and proprietary technology they are standard protocols, so as Z-Wave.

I recommend it for topic starter, or something Based on MQTT - for example Shellys. I use Fibaros a lot for Rollers, and Qubinos for Markise, because of better temp range(they are outside). With Shellys I don‘t have experience yet, but they should be fine as long as you have a good WiFi.
While Shellys are the first of it‘s kind I‘m sure soon there will be enough alternatives.

Is it possible to set the lemala position correctly with the Shellys?

As I said, I have no experience with Shellys. Therefore for horizontal shutters I recommend Fibaros. In my installation they control lamellas quite well.

I just ordered a Shelly 2.5 for the awning.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible to adjust the slats of a venetian blind (German Source: https://www.shelly-support.eu/forum/index.php?thread/1763-winkel-bei-jalousien-steuern-mit-shelly-2-5/)

I never knew about roller blinds until about two years ago, and have this one mounted outside to keep out the relentless afternoon sunlight in the summer.

I would like to have something similar that’s automated. Yes, I could 3D print and cobble together some devices, but I don’t have the time budget to roll something from scratch. What is a good exterior roller shade that is suitable for automation?

I use these zipper screens: https://www.screen-discount.nl/producten/verticale-ritsscreens/
Find a reseller that has zipper screens with a Dooya motor (not bi-directional) or Somfy RTS motor and you are able to control the screen with the RFXtrx433XL.

i use the Shelly 2.5 for my Rollershutter. Also there is a Binding for the Shelly (easy to use)
One Relay cost about 17€ (Wireless) and also implimentate a obstacle decetion so a normal Roller engine is “upgraded” to one with detection :slight_smile:

I am very proud to have this ones

Well, you can always think about some rule which would add lamella control using time-based approach.
I beleieve there were even some patterns here in community.