Which Zigbee device for Raspberry Pi?

Hi there,

my setup is as follows:

Now, I want to connect several Zigbee items including Philipps Hue bulbs and I’m planning to integrate several Aqara sensors as well. However, I’m somewhat lost which Zigbee device I shall choose for connecting the Raspberry to the Zigbee items as there seem to be many options:

  • RaspBee/ConBee via deconz, which is too expensive for me
  • Qivicon Zigbee stick is easy to get as a used version for 10-15 euros, but although it is listed as a compatible device, I haven’t found any real experiences
  • the cc2531 flashed with a special firmware to use zigbee2mqtt for connecting to openhab2
  • several bridges, but I don’t want to have an external bridge

Are these variants fully equivalent or what are the downsides of these devices?
Is zigbee2mqtt equivalent to using the real Zigbee binding or are there any differences in terms of functionality, performance, etc.?
Can all devices be used to connect the mentioned Zigbee items?

Thanks a lot and best regards!