Who can manage rules per Habmin on a Raspberry / openhabian

Hello, I think I have a pretty standard setup with the above configuration. Nevertheless, no rules can be created by Habmin or better formulated “saved via Habmin”.
I suspect a connection with the lack of write rights or the general authorization, since the Habmin UI, like the paper-ui, does not require a user login (at least not for me) … so far, I have therefore set my rules via SSH / Putty via Nano directly into the rules folder … but Habmin would be more comfortable …

Managing rules in HABmin is severely deprecated and not recommended.

You could either use text files or the NGRE Rule Engine in the Paper UI.

puuh, NGRE seems a little “undersized” … i really hope that for Openhab3/OH3 there is a movement towards “node red” or even “scratch” or “makecode” …

The overarching goals are power and flexibility, not being easy to use.

The graphical rule editor in PaperUI is underdeveloped and going nowhere. Just like the rule editor in Habmin.

Those are just UIs though, the new rules engine is fine, but to use it you manage your own files in the language of your choice. Jython seems popular.

The most widespread use in OH2 is managing text old-engine rule files, using an editor like VSCode

I believe the new editor in OH3 will be an improvement on that.