Who knows the openHAB Cloud implementation?

Good evening,

I would like to implement a service similar to myopenhab.org for another application, namely evcc, an open source server for solar charging of electric vehicles, that like openHAB runs locally on a server. Currently evcc has no secure remote access apart from VPN solutions, and I’d like to change that.

Is there anyone here who knows the implementation of the openHAB Cloud Connector and myopenhab.org a bit, and would be willing to give me some ideas? Maybe we could do a video call, which is probably more efficient than going back and forth in the forum. :slight_smile:

Regards, Robert

just a thought have you considered this approach?

It doe not have to be openhab to implement this solution and can be any site.

A high level description is available at GitHub - openhab/openhab-cloud: Cloud companion for openHAB instances

Thanks - but as far as I understand, NGINX would have to be implemented on your local server?

I’d like to go for something like myopenhab.org, that only requires the user to register at the cloud service, and then link their local instance of the software to enable remote access. And in particular I am looking for guidance on how the connection between the local instance and the cloud service works. This is the connection that as far as I understand is initiated by the local instance (the Cloud Connector in the case of openHAB) and then allows the cloud service to forward any requests.

Thanks, that looks very interesting, I’ll read through it!

( client part of the ) cloud connector can be found at

I have now read through the documentation, thanks again!

Do I understand it correctly that the openHAB Cloud Connector uses Socket.IO to establish a connection to the Cloud Companion? It sends the UUID and secret, which the Cloud Companion uses to identify the account. And the Cloud Companion then tunnels requests to for example the Dashboard or the REST API via this Socket.IO connection?

I’d be interested to understand on what protocol level this tunneling happens. When accessing the dashboard or REST API, is the Cloud Companion just acting as reverse proxy with authentication or is there also application logic resides in the companion, and in this case, which interface in the local instance does it access (REST APIs)?