Whole Home lighting upgrade


I’m looking for some advice, please. I currently have an old HA system that isn’t made anymore. I need to upgrade the lighting control.

My current setup has 32 dimming channels (8 x 4-channel dimmers) in a central control panel in my garage. All the lights in the house come back to the same control panel. All the light switches (a mix of 1-4 way) are run over Cat-5 push button switches. The controllers manage the button contact and power the dimmers (0-10v to dimmer units).

It’s the controllers that are at the end of life, but I don’t mind replacing any / all of the components, but want to avoid having to run new cables!

I’d like the solution to work with AND WITHOUT Openhab.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance


Check out Clipsal Cbus as that system can work stand alone and do what you want and is available in your country. I’m sure I saw openhab just got a binding for Cbus recently. Be sure to check the binding supports what u need.

Thanks for the pointer. I can see the relevant dimmers. Would I be able to re-use the existing contact switches ? I’m couldn’t see where the contact switches would connect. Is there another c-bus module ?

Thanks again


Sorry I don’t use it I just have done some reading on how the system works under the hood. It is a common system here in Australia where it is made, usually found in high end homes or commercial buildings. It is a stand alone system that connects with a star config of twisted pair that supplies power and the data down the two wires.

You should call a supplier for more info. But from what little I know of the products is you buy a power supply unit, your switch units and the dimmers. Wire them all with cat 5 in a special way then you get someone to program it all how you want it to work. Programming is done over the cat 5.

Your new Cbus switches tell the dimmers what to do directly so no I don’t think you can keep Anything besides the cabling but call an expert in your area to check.

Thanks - I’ll try to find someone in the UK who sells them - Paul