Why are some channels unable to add to Things in paperui?

I am after some help. I am really new to oh2 and I have added the Mi-Light 2xbinding and I can only add a few of the channels for each bulb/zone. some are the usual blue colour and I can set that channel up but some are grey and not able to config that channel eg “Night mode” and “White mode”. i have had a read of the milight binding info and aldo tryed adding to my .items file but i am at a losh on what to do… if there is anything to get all the channels working.
i am using the milight ibox2 with the mi light gu10 rgbw modle FUTO18 and mi light rgbw 9w b22 bulbs and as far as i no i am running a up to date oh2 on a rp3
any help ot pointers would be great thanks