Why do I get the previous event? (And how do I get rid of that

Hi all,

I’m using OH 3.1
I’ve tried to create a JS that react on cron as well as on an event change. As shown below.

The problem is now that once a Change is happening on an event level this even is always reported.
(Even if I run the rule manually in the UI.

My script looks like this to detect if it was running on Cron.

if (typeof event !== 'undefined') {
    logger.info("event: \t" + event);
    logger.info("event.itemName: \t" + event.itemName);
    logger.info("event.thingUID: \t" + event.thingUID);
    logger.info("event.statusInfo: \t" + event.statusInfo);
    // It is triggered by an item Event
    myaction = event.itemName;

if (typeof event === 'undefined') {
    // It is triggered by cron (or Script)
    myaction = "OfflineUpdate"

But once a event happened then “myaction” is the event.itemName.

Any ideas why and how I can find out if the cron rule was triggered?


Looks like

Thanks @rossko57!

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