Why do I only have a Z-Wave Thing with only arrows to it?

why are there only arrows to node 5 and no green lines ?
Why is node 3 alone ?

Node1: Aeotec Z-Stick
Node2: Popp Smoke Detector
Node3: Aeotec Multisensor
Node4: Aeotec Range Extender



I believe that chart shows which nodes each individual node has reported as it’s neighbors.

Node Reported Neighbors
1 5
2 4
3 None
4 2, 5
5 None

Note, this does not mean that there is no communication between those nodes. It’s just that, for example, Node 4 doesn’t see node 1 or node 3 as neighbors.

I believe it is not unusual for battery powered nodes to not report neighbors.

I’ve sure someone more knowledgeable on zwave will come along and correct me if I’ve misstated anything.

Ok, thank you…
Anybody who knows what the red arrows to Node 5 mean ? Is it only one direction communnication ?
Maybe @sihui or @chris :grinning:

They mean that the link is not bi-directional. This means that one node has the other node in its neighbour table, while the other is not true. This may not of course be right - but it’s what the neighbour tables show.

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