Why do my Qubino smart meter give me values only every half hour?

I’ve bought and installed a Qubino ZMNHXD 3-phase smart meter. Z-Wave inclusion went like a breeze and I’m getting correct values into my system. The strange thing is that I’m getting values exactly every 30 minutes. I haven’t touched any of the parameters on the device since the defaults seem good to me. The defaults are to send reports every ten minutes though (and that’s also the settings I see when I look at the device in habmin). So why does it wait 30 minutes between sending the reports?

The channels I’m currently looking at are the “Electric meter (watts)” and the “Electric meter (kWh)”. Same problem with both.

This is on a OH 2.5.1 system, running on Debian. Not using any polling or anything like that.

Did you verify advanced parameters 42 & 43?
What have you researched to try and understand this issue?

Yep, those are the parameters I’m mainly looking at, they’re both at the default of 600 seconds, ie ten minutes. Parameter 40 is also at default, 50%. More than that I don’t really know what to look at.

Also one strange thing (might be totally unrelated) is that the orange led2 is blinking, like there would be an IR error, although parameters 100 and 101 are both set to disabled, which I guess would mean there isn’t supposed to happen anything at all on the IR port.

edit: Actually trying to change any of the parameters doesn’t seem to work at all. It just says the Thing was saved but when I change to another Thing and then back theyre back to default. Like it’s simply ignoring me. No errors in the log or anything such.

edit 2: Oh crap. After trying to change thos parameters the damned thing doesn’t send me anything at all anymore. Complete radio silence. Now I would be happy with ever half hour…

It turns out that it not completely silent. In fact, after I tried changing these parameters, the meter decided to start sending me a report once a day instead, at 22:17:59 every night. I really fail to see the logic behind how it’s behaving…