Why is my OpenHAB RPi talking to an outdoor lighting company in the USA?


I was reviewing something on the RPi which is running OpenHAB (and only OpenHAB AFAIK) and saw that it had an open connection to a lighting company in the US.

root@openhab:~# netstat -atn |grep 443
tcp        0      0        ESTABLISHED
I put a sniff on it and there is a lot of chatter going on

As far as I know there is nothing else installed on this so what could this be? There is also a connection open on port 80 to an akamai address which is less suspicious.

I’m going to play around with sslstrip and see if I can get it to reveal itself but in the meantime, anyone know what this could be?

All IP addresses in the to are reserved for internal use as in behind a NAT for example. You will never find a 10.x.x.x address on the open Internet. I don’t know how you determined it was a US lighting company. I ran nslookup on it and, as I expected, it was not found.

I guess he is talking about, which belongs to honeywell. is his local ip address.

Good point. I should pay more attention. At least it’s encrypted :slight_smile:

Honeywell make so much more than lighting equipment.

  • HVAC
  • Humidifiers
  • Security System
  • Water Controls
  • Industrial Controls
  • Etc…

I would bet that you have a thermostat or something similar that is calling home.

Hi Crispin,

is the internal ip address of your RPi? If you add an “p” to the netstat options (e.g. “netstat -anp|grep 443”, it will show to you in an additional column which process has opened the connection. If you do a "ps -ef|grep " you can see some details of the process…

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Well, insomnia allowed to to spend some more time on it this morning.
Most odd, you stick that IP into a browser and it’s most definitely Honeywell. I’m at work now and from home, it gave me nothing. I wonder if they block it for VPN’d traffic?

Sorry, for clarity - I know 10/8 is a private range :sunglasses: Yes, .15 is the RPi :grin::grin:

Anyhow, I got sslstrip working and can see a bit of chatter coming. WeatherUnderground. I could not get sslstrip to work properly with the honeywell traffic. Will try again.

I do have an evohome kit and control it from OH2 so makes perfect sense now. /Takes off tinfoil hat/