Why is there no real Backup and Restore concept?

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Hi There,

after working a long time with OH1 i’ve migrated my slave (only few z-wave and mqtt items) to OH2 (Snapshot) a few month ago.
Today I’ve migrated to OH2 stable and I’m extremely unhappy with this split configuration. After some tries using the official documented backup and restore strategy (which ends up with a buggy OH2 installation) I had to rebuild my whole configuration.

This is really frustrating and I have no Idea how should this be with my main setup (multiple bindings, more than 100 items, etc…).

I can’t understand that there is no Backup and Restore concept that isn’t focused on copying the /var/lib folder full of useless garbage.
Why isn’t there a way to export the configuration, install OH2 from scratch and import the configuration again? It seems to me that OH2 is more a playground and not a solution to build a great SmartHome solution.
Rebuilding the slave costs me 3 hours - rebuilding my whole setup would cost me a weak :frowning:


there have been many changes between openHAB 1.x, openHAB pre 2.0 snapshots and the stable 2.0 release. A general backup and restore strategy between all three of these does not exist, however:

Coming from openHAB 1.x: openHAB was configured solely via configuration files. These can be transferred to the openHAB 2.0 system but you’ll have to adapt a few things and take care of outdated bindings which are now superseded by their 2.0 counterparts. Please see the Migration Tutorial.

Coming from pre 2.0 snapshot: These builds were experimental and a few core concepts changed. Upgrading to 2.0 stable was never intended to be a flawless process.

From 2.0 to 2.0 (and 2.x) / Backup and Restore: The configuration structure and position is pretty much settled by now and the backup+restore process should be pretty simple. Just copy a few files and restore them on the other side. That said, yes there are ideas to provide a backup and restore procedure but they are not yet implemented. Do you want to contribute? :wink:

OK, so in this case with OH 2.1 there shouldn’t be any problems. I’ll stay tuned.

Regarding the contribution: If OH wouldn’t be written in Java, I would be a contributer :wink: