Why not more than three replies?


I just joined and started discussion in the BTicino thread, however after my first three replies it tells me I temporarily cannot do any further replies because I am a new user?

How does this work, when can I join the discussion again?

Regards, Robert

To control spam bots. Makes it harder for them to affect the quality of the forum.
Be patient, what I did was check the rest of the forum, note bookmarks, learn a bit about the documentation and so on.

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If you want to say something more, after such a three reply lockout, then just edit your previous post, and add your new statement. (For etiquette reasons, just put the word EDIT before your new statement, so others can see what you changed vs the prior version…

EDIT: :slight_smile: the three post lockout generally applies if you make three successive posts without anyone else making an intervening post. So if someone else posts something, you can generally respond again.

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It’s all based on the “trust levels” functionality provided by the “Discourse” software which powers this community (and many others).

See also this blog post:


OK, thanks for the explanation - not very practical though if I am in the middle of solving an issue here with my system, and would like to keep interacting …

Of course, you have a point. But being a son of the Web 2.0, I remember the forums choked full of spam posts. The team here consists of volunteers, and this is a way to ease some of the administrative work.
If one of the mods notices you she/he might feel inclined to remove that limitation so that you can continue collaborating.
Otherwise, edit your previous comments, and add your information there :slight_smile:

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Looks like you’ve been boosted to a basic user now so these restrictions are no longer in place. Moderators have the ability to adjust a user’s trust level manually so if you get one of our attention (or someone does so on your behalf, we can usually sort it out.


I have changed you trust level, you now should be able to post again.


Great, thanks! :slight_smile:

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