Why Switch Items looks different in UI?

I have 2 items:

Switch  devRouter_Ethernet      "Ethernet Router"	<network>	    (gSmartDevs, gEveryChange ) { channel="network:pingdevice:ethernet:online"}
Switch  devSmart_HarmonyHub     "HarmonyHub"         <network>	    (gSmartDevs)

looks like:

But in BasicUI both items looks same as switches.
Why Switch Items looks different in OH3 UI?

Because one is linked to achannel that provides extra metadata to the Item - “Read only” for example.

BasicUI is basic, ignores some metadata.

Found solution, add tags to items stateDescription=""[readOnly=false]

Switch  devRouter_Ethernet      "Ethernet Router"	<network>	    (gSmartDevs, gEveryChange ) { channel="network:pingdevice:ethernet:online", stateDescription=""[readOnly=false] }