Wi-Fi to Ethernet Bridge with VLANs

First off, apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question.

I have an unusual shaped house, and I need to place some hubs (namely hue) in a central location; this location doesn’t have an ethernet cable readily available.

At the moment, I’m using an old Apple Airport Express to create a Wif-Fi to ethernet bridge, and it’s working without issue.

However, I’m doing what many others are doing and creating sperate VLANs (Ubiquiti based) to provide more security as my home automation grows.

I had initially presumed that connecting the Airport Express to the correct SSID would work. Unfortunately, the Airport Express appears to override or disregard VLAN tagging which causes unreliable connections; it works for a few hours, and then Openhab loses connection to the hue, and I need restart the Airport Express.

The above is a long way of asking if there is any recommendation for a Wi-Fi to ethernet bridge that will support multiple devices (via a switch if necessary) and won’t interfere with VLAN tagging.


I’ve done this using new-old-stock stuff from eBay. Various Draytek WAPs and HP WAPs. These support multi SSID which can be assigned to different wired VLANs.

Edit - I’ll reword that … different VLANs over wired ethernet.

Thank you.