Wich versions are the best openhab with pivccu (homematic)

Dear all,

when i update to 2.4.0-1 with piVCCU (version 2.41.5-40 CCU2) the item control of homematic devices is very, very slow or impossible!
Update to CCU3 (version 3.41.11-12) don’t make it better!
Then i have downgrade openhab to 2.3.0-1, but this version can not communicate with CCU3?!
Anyone same problems or solution, i want to use the piCCU3 whith oenhab!
Which is best combination of openhab / pivccu?

Thanks a lot

Hi Alex,

I have the same combination between OpenHab2 (2.4.0-01) and pivccu (3.41.11). I had some performance issues with HMIP devices. Showing datapoint of HMIP were extremly slow. I think this problem was in a Beta version of openhab. Actually I have no problems.

Which devices do you have connect to CCU? What is your hardware?



Hi Christian,

my config:
8X Wireless Heating Thermostat (HM-CC-RT-DN) Homematic (no Homematic IP)
8X Wireless Shutter Actuator (HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM) Homematic (no Homematic IP)
3X Wireless Switch Actuator (HM-LC-Sw1PBU-FM) Homematic (no Homematic IP)
1X Wireless Dimming Actuator (HM-LC-Dim1TPBU-FM) Homematic (no Homematic IP)
3X Wireless Door/Window Contact (HM-Sec-SC-2) Homematic (no Homematic IP)
5X Shelly 1, with tasmota (no problems)
~10X Sonoff diffrent devices with tasmota (no problems)
3X ESP8266 modules, doorbell, garage, pool own programming with arduino (no problems)

openhab and pivccu on Rapberry 3B+


Can you delete the thinks in OpenHab and in CCU? Maybe this help…