Widget: Alarm Keypad

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(Devin) #21

ok so I just go back into import widget gallery and re-install?

(Lucky) #22


(Devin) #23

Hum. I Updated it and changed the alarm panel command off to(see photo) and the same thing happens.

(Lucky) #24

As I have said, since they are numeric, I had to make it generic. Whatever item you set will get a 1 . Now it’s up to you how you make a rule when your item receives a 1

Think of it like a switch receiving an ON

(Devin) #25

Are there any tutorials on rules? It’s weird that the other functions work without any rules but the disarm doesn’t. Sorry for all the help still a newbie

(Lucky) #26

Well it’s because a disarm requires a PIN and the disarm key. You haven’t told me how u do it on ur regular alarm keypad… It’s PIN then what?

(Devin) #27

On my DSC keypad, to disarm I just type in my pin. For instance 6789. To activate I hold either the away or stay for 2 seconds.

(Lucky) #28

If that’s the case u need a rule on the off item to send ur pin but I do NOT recommend this becuae u’ll be hardcoded ur pin. Just enter ur pin

(Devin) #29

ok Ill try entering my pin again and see if it works. If just by entering my pin on the alarm keypad doesn’t work, is there tutorial on rules so I can make this work? It seems that is the only function that doesnt work for me.

(autoit) #30

Thank you for this great looking keypad, just about what I was looking for.

@DennisVonDerBey Any chance you could share the code for the keypad screen (which I assume you have beside the Clear button)? I’ve been trying to create something similar with not so great results so far. I don’t have this hooked to a “real” alarm so I need a mix of this and the “Universal keypad” (keypad+screen+buttons).

I’m also debating which is a better way to input the code: sending every keypress immediately (already have rules to handle this) or sending everything together like the Universal keypad does. First has the advantage of being able to clear the screen after a timeout (rule clears the item which is what’s displayed on the screen). Second has the advantage of faster response and being able to clear just one character on the client side without having to handle this in a OH rule.

(Lucky) #31

I’m thinking of incorporating this and maybe create a PR to make this a common widget in HABPanel. The thing is, the more settings we add, the more it becomes complicated for the common user.

(autoit) #32

Yeah, I can see that being a problem as well. I can handle lots of settings as long as they are documented. CSS styling, not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

(Devin) #33

I’m wondering if I should ok should use the universal keypad to make my alarm work. I tried everything and still can’t make the disarm work. Still a newbie

(Lucky) #34

the universal keypad allows you to send numbers in a single submit since you would need to type in the numbers first, then hit OK. That might work for you better. The alarm keypad sends numbers per single click of the number button, exactly how an alarm keypad does

(Devin) #35

Ok so if I want to use the alarm keypad, i would need to use a rule for entering my pin number to disable?

(Lucky) #36


(Kamil Sroka) #37

is there any good editor to show code inside the json file not in 1 line?

I can sse \n I thing it should be enter.
Can you help me with that please mate, I want to change a bit that code.

(Devin) #38

Are there any tutorials for creating rules?

(Lucky) #39

Start HERE

(Lucky) #40
  1. Import the widget
  2. Go to http://YOUROPENHAB/habpanel/index.html#/settings/widgets
  3. Click on the widget, then you’ll see the code.